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Commercial Cleaning

The Right Touch Cleaning Service provides superior commercial cleaning service office cleaning services to a wide range of facilities including: office buildings, medical facilities, daycare centers, schools, sidewalk churches, retail shops, auto dealerships, industrial sites, government facilities and much more. Our committed and professional staff is also sensitive to building security and access procedures.

Office Cleaning Services includes, but is not limited to, the following
  • Empty all receptacles and replace liners 
  • Dust furniture, picture frames, window sills, other horizontal surfaces 
  • Spot clean walls, light switches, chairs, and doors 
  • Vacuum and damp mop hard surfaces and resilient floors 
  • Clean entrance door 
  • Vacuum upholstery 
  • Spot clean carpet (as needed) 
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas 
  • Proper position furniture
  • Empty all receptacles and replace liners 
  • Clean/sanitize microwaves 
  • Spot clean and sanitize outside of cabinets 
  • Clean/sanitize sink and counter tops 
  • Clean/sanitize tables and chairs 
  • Spot clean walls 
  • Refill and clean paper and soap dispenser 
  • Vacuum and damp mop hard floors
  • Empty all receptacles and replace liners 
  • Clean/sanitizes and refill paper and soap dispensers 
  • Clean/sanitizes all fixtures (toilets, urinals, faucets, counters 
  • Spot clean/sanitize walls and partitions 
  • Vacuum and damp mop/sanitize floors
Office cleaning services may vary depending on the specific needs of each client. Custom cleaning services outside of the above scope of work can be arranged.   Retail Commercial Cleaning service/ janitorial services
  • Remove debris from landscape pots and planter 
  • Sweep and clean entrances 
  • Clean/sanitize and remove smudges from entry door glass 
  • Clean and polish entry handles, sills, doorplates and metal rim 
  • Dust and clean baseboards, ledges and exit signs 
  • Clean glass, wood or metal doors, and doorjambs
  • Empty ashtrays and clean sand urns, fill sand as needed
  • Clean and sanitize water fountains
  • Spot clean and vacuum carpets
  • Sweep/sanitize dust mop and damp mop floors
  • Complete floor care, including stripping, sealing, waxing and burnishing
  • Report burned out lights to management and replace as needed
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitization
  • Pressure washing 
  • Floor maintenance
  • Secure all doors and turn off appropriate lights upon completion of work.



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